Soulguidance by ma

Maria Andreasson

Cert. Medium,cert Healer, Wayshower, Gridmaker, Lightcarriers & Healing Artist

"My Vision is to support people into their higher consciousness,
so that they can fully enter their full light.
Enter in the new Era's frequencies and
be aligned with ones soul mission in this physical reincarnation.
To bring peace into ones heart
and then spread it through the pure love.
Let's create worldpeace".

Namaste / Maria Andreasson 

Art by m.a

Spiritual channelized art in acrylic.
Allow yourself, a moment  of silence.
Take note of the messages that each of the paintings wakes up in you. My thought is to spread healing through my art.
To arrive by color and shape. As a visualization through brush strokes. To look inward and love yourself and bring peace to your heart and be present in your true essence. It's magic. Let's then link together and give healing to our Earth. Lets make Worldpeace ♡

Art by m.a - Photo

Art by m.a -  netfairys

Art by m.a - Juwelry

New jewelery with semi-precious stones and crystals programmed and loaded with gold and diamond energy is now under way ❤