Awareness or Channeling


What comes through me and and what comes from the Higher realms?

Am I in my awereness or not in my daily Life. Am I Always open channelling?

The reason behind that question is that sometimes when I am giving really strong and clear messages people do not know how to perceive them. Is it coming from me or who is giving them this guidance? 
Sometimes when this happends the Power in my voice becomes strong and my Words firm, When messages of this kind come through they come straight from the depth of my inner core. From the Source Within me.
From my I AM. So this kind of messages comes from a higher dimension of myself. 
But in a way I am Always open for channeling. I live with a councious open channel most of the time, its nothing strange for me to recieve messages several times during a day. and its not a big thing to see spirits either.
Thats just the way it is. And I am very thankful for that.  
I am in full Control of when I choose to channel and when I am just me, Maria. To be grounded is the most important thing. Its very important to be balanced.

But sometimes I am just Channeling messages. Strong powerful messages out of Love and Light. So the question is, am I in my awerness when I am channeling? One definition of channeling could be that the channeling is bringing through truth from the higher realms of wisdom. Sometimes that higher realm is a higher form of yourself. To do this, I need to shift my awereness in order to achieve an expanded state of counsiosness. I can access the Higher Realms of knowledge, wisdom, truth and love.
When I channel I experience an increase in the vibration as well as an expansion of my counsiosness. I started with Clairvoyant channeling and still do sometimes. But after I raised my vibration i opened my heart to connect with the Higher vibrational guides, angels, ascended masters and realms of spirits with counsious channeling, I channel throu words, paintings and lyrics. Sometimes i also do Trance channeling. Mostly i do conscious channeling. So there is a difference between those Three types of channelings. And there is also a difference between beeing in awerness and to be in counsious channeling.

Awareness / Counsciousness when it comes to channeled messages and just speak through your autentic heart. Both of ways of channeling is a natural part of who I AM. That is just the way it is. This is me. If the messages comes from me or from a higher realm doesn´t matter. Not for me. Words of action in the name of Love and Peace. It needs to come from a higher Source of Light. And you know what? We are all Lightbeeings, Children from the Stars. This is Pure Light that radiate in all of us. We just need to let it all out. Break the walls around us that keep us from being who we truly are. We need to raise the vibration Within us so we can raise the energy of Pure Love to the hole Planet Earth. For Gaia. This is the autentic side of me.
I am tired of standing in my own Shadow. Afraid of coming out. Afraid to do something wrong. Just want to spread the light. But I also learned the hard way that there will Always be people who doesn´t want to hear what you have to say, they are not ready to hear it. Well that´s ok, But it is not okay to let them make you feel that you have done something wrong. Some people just needs more time to reach that consciousness of Soul growth. But i don´t feel that i need to say Everything that comes to me. Most often I silently wait for them to ask, and sometimes I just need to say what needs to be said.
And so it is...
Bless & Release.

Namaste Maria