Clarifying Oneness


"Clarifying Oneness"

 "Clarifying Unity"

What is unity for you?
What does this mean for you?
I prefer the English word Oneness, it feels softer in some way.
To me, Oneness is everything.
Not only can you feel the connection to Oneness, you are Oneness.
Just as the holiness of being One with all our light bodies in every aspect of our different energy levels (energy bodies).
To literally feel every wind when it touches your body.
You are one with the wind. There is no separation between the wind and you.
You're not just a part of the energy-efficient of the wind, you're the air.
You are the wind, which in a constant motion breathes and creates various motion waves that are perceived as a wind against your skin. You are at the same time the Tree, that receives the wave movement of the wind in your leaves. Yes the whole tree is a bulge in the field just as everything is. Everything is interconnected. Everything.
Even what we perceive as void, black holes, etc. There is nothing that is not interconnected, nothing. In fact, you are the Universe, which is all, Oneness.
Everything you do, think or send out affects something inside me and vice versa. I am you and you are me. We are the same energy. We are one, as one single energy moving.
Without the history of my life, who would I be? That question I have brought with me now for a week's time. A very wise beautiful soul gave me, among other things, a topic to consider during the week that passed and then we shared our thoughts. So the question ..... Who would I be?
I would still be the same soul who chose the same task and the same soul lessons to experience. I'm pure love, just like you and time is just an illusion in all this. The very existence consists of life force. We are the vitality. But in fact, you are the universe, The Oneness.

Perhaps your Last breath was my First.
 And my Last breath in this reincarnation will be your First in your new reincarnation in your next life or mine in another dimension.
It's a beautiful thought.
I love the deep feeling these questions arise within me. It gives so much healing, comfort and Hope.
I feel free.

Namaste Maria